Photographing my little cute "monsters" is a revelation. Children are veritable powerhouses of emotions, each lasting for less than a second. They laugh wholeheartedly, cry inconsolably, and switch from one emotion to another in the blink of an eye. Capturing all of that is both a challenge and a delight.
Then comes the task of making a pick: which one or ones should I give to the parents? Because as a mother I know they will treasure them all.
Until I started photographing these transitions I didn’t realize how much goes on in that little human being... how magical they are! Not just in terms of cuteness, but how they always live in the moment with no attachments, no judgements, no expectations, with nothing to hide. They just are BEING themselves, shining their light, making everyone happy around them.
Adults, starting with ME, are different. We love to linger, over-analyze things, dramatize life, and marinate in all sorts of things that bring you down. We get caught up in these nitty-gritties and forget that ‘it really is a Happy Day.’ It always is. We just need to stop adulting and move on... in the blink of an eye.
So, how many should I hand over? The adult in me rations, “Give only the very best.” The child in me says, “Hand me over to my Mommy, all of me.” I know that makes no sense. Then again, who am I kidding? Tomorrow when a mother is tired with a truckload of concerns preying on her mind, just by flipping through these pictures she may also see the light, as I see it today!

Moral of the story? No more adulting!